Why Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris

FOX: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/eric-trump-kamala-harris-biden-ticketWhile viewing the news story reflect on the perspective of the reporter and/or commentator, and how they present the topic. Then analyze the report for bias or balance.
Instructions: Write a 5 paragraph essay that analyzes one of the news reports using APA or MLA format (2-3 pages). Include a one paragraph summary of the story and your statement, then three paragraphs that discusses your statement of bias or balance in the report. Use examples from the report to support your viewpoints. Upload the word document in the Project 1: News Media Analysis assignment folder in this module.  Use the questions below to guide your analysis.
Reflect on the following questions:
What is the main idea of the topic? Summarize the story.How do the reporters and commentators present their debate? What issues dominates the debate? Is the viewpoint presented informatively or emotionally latent? What exemplifications do they illustrate in their debate to demonstrate the facts or opinions? Think about the visual elements. What images do they use to portray the subject(s)? Do the images emulate evidence that supports an opinion or the facts? Or do the images seem to support a bias perspective? Explain.List quotations to support your claim.Does the reporter and/or commentator present their arguments in balanced or extreme language?What is the commentators tone? Emotions?Is the reporter or commentator supportive of the topic? Or do they emulate negative debates about the topic? Explain.Do you think the reporter or commentator supports a conservative or liberal perspective? Explain.How do they portray the subject? Is it balanced or bias? Explain.Did you feel that the report was bias or balanced? Why?If bias, describe how the commentators and reporter could have created a balanced or neutral tone to the news report.The post Why Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris



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