“What Darwin Never Knew.”

You need to watch this documentary about genetics and evolution it’s called “What Darwin Never Knew.”After watching I will host a couple of discussion rooms in teams where you can ask questions about the video and about specific things you saw in it. As you watch this video, take note of examples that demonstrate how genetics influences evolution. Darwin lived in the time before the genetic revolution and didn’t know what we know now. After you watch, I would like you to write a letter to Darwin explaining how his theory of evolution by means of natural selection is understood today, focus on the role of genes as illustrated through specific examples from the documentary. As you discuss the examples in your letter, be sure to give enough detail and explanation that Darwin and I can tell that you understand the processes and the biological principles that the example demonstrates. I would also like to see a short explanation of genetics, how clearly can you explain genetics and DNA to someone who is totally unfamiliar with them. That will be a good learning challenge too.
Video: https://youtu.be/ov00SrBwjKQThe post “What Darwin Never Knew.”



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