violence in fairy tales

i need all three body paragraphs to go off of this introduction paragraph: {attention getter} The use of violence, throughout classic fairy tales, teaches children moral lessons, which contributes to a safer and educated culture. {explain the attention getter in 3-4 sentences} Violence in fairy tales can teach moral lessons because usually when a character gets themselves into trouble, thats when violence comes in. When kids read the story they would automatically be thinking that they shouldn’t do the activity that got the character into trouble because of the consequences that could happen. Even though most of the violence that happens in fairy tales are unrealistic, many kids are vulnerable, so they would believe it. {setting up the thesis} Therefore, violence appears in almost all fairy tales to teach morals, and life lessons. {thesis} {WHERE} European fairy tales such as {WHO} Roald Dahls Little Red Riding Hood {WHAT} depict characters that are up against unforeseen events shaped by: envy, cold step-parents, hungry witches or ogres, and evil and good characters who rule through violence and fear. The post violence in fairy tales



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