the spread of drugs

I need a Word document, not a PPT.
I need a Public Service Announcements (PSAs) speech. The topic is about the spread of drugs.
Global underworld organizations and drug cartels have united in different forms and have become destabilizing factors that threaten society. Narcotics has gradually diversified, and various “soft drugs” have become “new favorites” in the drug consumer market. It is estimated that the number of drug users in the world is growing at a rate of 3% to 4% per year; and the number of people using synthetic drugs is growing fastest.
There are approximately 130,000 homeless people in California. Some of them are unbearable, but some are incurable addicts. It is difficult for these people to go to work and can only make a living through cheating or drug trafficking.
Drugs are getting younger and younger. Many teenagers do not go to school or even at home when exposed to drugs, leading a decadent life. Gradually go to crimeThe post the spread of drugs



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