Strategic Plan Part 2 – Papa John’s

Organization: Papa John’s
Idea:We propose that Papa John’s Pizza sells their pizzas as a frozen food product in major grocery store chains. It would be an extension of their current brick-and-mortar operations in which many are franchise operations. Papa John’s experienced a major shake-up in 2018 that caused stock prices to fall and they lost millions of dollars in sales. Their franchisees suffered as a result of the controversary and our plan would put their pizzas in a convenient and assessable location for consumers. Selling their pizzas in grocery store chains would make them more visible and would increase sales and stock prices.
Instructions for Writer:
Guiding principles (At Least 5)Also called organizational attributes, these describe how you expect people to behave with each other and with other stakeholder groups. Guiding principles broadly define which types of behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors will not be tolerated. In particular, they describe how you will behave when faced with difficult situations or challenges.
Please provide five Guiding Principles for Papa John’s strategic plan corresponding with the idea proposal above.
Format & reference: APAThe post Strategic Plan Part 2 – Papa John’s



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