Strategic Plan assignment

Pick a product/service of your choice. In this assignment you will provide a high-level web strategic plan for that product and service. Remember, as you are putting together that strategic plan, think of what’s your high-level objective of your website? Is it to sell product or get people to raise their hand (or generate leads) to learn more about the product. Provide details on the following sections for this “draft plan”.
Whats the objective of your website?Who’s your target audience?What type of content (information) should you have on your site? Will you have mainly copy or graphics or both? Why? What is your content there to help you achieve?How will you generate traffic to your site? (social media, email, PPC, SEO, explain your plan here)What metrics will you measure to see if your plan and what you executed was successful? Give specific examples.
This should be at least 1-1/2 to 2 pages in length. You should include at least one reference.The post Strategic Plan assignment



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