service marketing report

Part1. Brief description of the hotel services experiencedTo document what happened at each stage of the service encounter and describe your feelings. You are required to give a satisfaction rating, a service quality rating, a value for money rating and whether you would recommend this service provider to a close friend or family member (all using 5 point scales). (This part no more than 275 words)Part2. You need to critically discuss the relevant services marketing management theories that will help you to analyse and evaluate the services experienced according to the text that I list below. In addition to the text, you should read and refer to two academic journal articles which I already attached that are related to the services marketing management theories you are going to apply to analyse your service experience.
Text1.Overview: Service, Service Encounters and Positioning; Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality (1) 2.Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality 3.Customer Loyalty and Contemporary Services Marketing Issues 4. Promotion Integrated Service Marketing Communications 4.Product Developing Service Products 5.Price Pricing Strategy and Managing Demand 6.People – Managing People for Service Advantage 7.Process Design Service Delivering Process 9. Place Distributing Services & Physical Evidence Crafting the Service EnvironmentThe post service marketing report



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