Science and technology help solve all problems in life.

Write an opinion essay of at least 200 words on one of the three topics below. Make sure to support your opinion with different types of supporting sentences. You should also use as many linking words and transition words as necessary to link your ideas properly.
Science and technology help solve all problems in life.
Topic:In recent times, science and technology have helped in the worlds growth (i.e. medicine, modern transport, online learning and teaching, internet, online games) as equally as they have contributed in destroying it (chemical weapons, social fragmentation, terrorism, mind shattering and destruction)! In your opinion, did science and technology serve the wellbeing or the misfortune of todays world? Did people enjoy better lives before or after advanced science and technology were introduced? Write a 150-words opinion essay explaining your point.
Some tools of modern times: medicine    ,      airplanes    ,      mobile-phones    ,      the Internet      ,      digital education – chemical weapons    ,      military-jets    ,        artificial intelligence      ,        google maps
Method of research:Choose at least two of the above mentioned modern tools.Research the effects of each tool on the people and the world.Suggest any logical or possible solutions to deal with negative results or side-effects resulting from the use of science and/or technology.Write an essay about it.
Your project should include:
An essay consisting of an introductory paragraph (topic sentence, thesis statement), 2 body paragraphs, & a conclusion.Clear information about the tools you exemplify with.Clear information about the ways to avoid their problems & make the best use of them (the tools).The post Science and technology help solve all problems in life.



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