Reflecting on Helping and Altruism

After you’ve read everything and considered the prompts related to both the Latane & Darley article and the Levine et al article, reflect on how this concept of helping and altruistic behavior might impact/have impacted you . (you can apply the concepts as you wish; some ideas are suggested at the end of this), but if you can, use some relevant concepts from the reading, and then reflect on how to apply these to an original situation.  You might reflect on any number of things, including: how your understanding of these concepts changed the way you think about your own helping behavior, how these concepts affect how you’d think back on any volunteer experiences you’ve had, how these theories might change the way you think about helping or volunteering in the future, experiences you’ve had that are good examples of any of these concepts, and experiences you’ve had in other cultural contexts that show how these concepts vary. These are just suggestions, so don’t feel limited to these.The post Reflecting on Helping and Altruism



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