Reading Response: Mouw, Chapters 8-15

Mouw, The Smell of Sawdust, chapters 8-15
Then, submit a 1-page, single-spaced response to this reading that addresses the following:
Definitions: List 2 words/concepts you did not understand when you came across them in the reading and their definitions.Summary: Summarize the reading’s argument (what the author is explaining in these chapters) in 150-200 words.Analysis: Explain what you found new, compelling, or unconvincing (and why) in 150-200 words.Late reading responses will not be accepted under any circumstances. These responses must be completed before you can thoughtfully participate in the related discussion activity.
MLA citations and a Works Cited page expected for quoting and summarizing the textbook and any other sources.
I do not have the book, if you can just do your best and use some alternative sources so I can have something to turn in. Thank you so much for your hard work it is greatly appreciated.The post Reading Response: Mouw, Chapters 8-15



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