Prevention of childhood obesity

The paper is a literature synthesis about childhood obesity prevention
Topics:School based childhood obesity prevention Family based Childhood obesity preventionPrimary care based childhood obesity prevention
The paper should have:Summary of ArticlesComparing and ContrastingSynthesis of Ideas
The articles to be used are:
Lambrinou, C. P., Androutsos, O., Karaglani, E., Cardon, G., Huys, N., Wikstrm, K., Kivel, J., Ko, W., Karuranga, E., Tsochev, K., Iotova, V., Dimova, R., De Miguel-Etayo, P., M Gonzlez-Gil, E., Tams, H., Jancs, Z., Liatis, S., Makrilakis, K., Manios, Y., & Feel4Diabetes-study group (2020). Effective strategies for childhood obesity prevention via school based, family involved interventions: a critical review for the development of the Feel4Diabetes-study school based component. BMC endocrine disorders, 20(Suppl 2), 52. Available at:
Merrotsy, A., McCarthy, A. L., Flack, J., & Coppinger, T. (2018). Obesity Prevention Programs in Children: The Most Effective Settings and Components. A Literature Review. J ObesChronic Dis 2(2): 62-75. Available at:
Seburg, E. M., Olson-Bullis, B. A., Bredeson, D. M., Hayes, M. G., & Sherwood, N. E. (2015). A Review of Primary Care-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment Interventions. Current obesity reports, 4(2), 157173.
Smith, J. D., Fu, E., & Kobayashi, M. A. (2020). Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity and Its Psychological and Health Comorbidities. Annual review of clinical psychology, 16, 351378. post Prevention of childhood obesity



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