overcoming and compensation

I need to write a shitty-first draft about overcoming and compensation myth based the The Butterfly Circus [Short Film HD] By Nick Vujicic, here is the link of the film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7ni22kU8SM&t=187s
To get better understand about overcoming and compensation PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV6U3nf8RB0
I am going to attach my proposal for the final Disability Myth Project; based on my proposal PLEASE RIGHT MY SHITTY PAPER.
IN SIDE THE PROPOSAL My Thesis need to Edited to something like this….
One of the disability myths that Dolmage scrutinizes is overcoming and compensation. This myth demonstrates how society can misinterpret peoples inherent unique abilities as the cause for overcoming their disability, and therefore masks the underlying struggles that the individual lives with. This myth can be seen in the movie The Butterfly Circus. This movie portrays the ideas of the overcoming and compensation disability myth through the main character, Will, who has no limbs. The film showcases a number of complex scenes where disabled people in 1930s freak shows had the least power and were exploited, yet banded together because it was the only way to survive. Yet, the film also underhandedly exploits the supercrip and inspirational narrative through Wills character that we see so common in films today.
ALSO, my secondary source the below and the files will be attached:
1. A reflection on inspiration2. Freaks and Queers. Exile and Pride3. The Butterfly Circus: Is Inspirational Positive or Negative? – 3rd source won’t be attached; VISIT this link instead https://culturesofdisability.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/the-butterfly-circus-is-inspirational-positive-or-negative-jessica-lindenberg/
I WILL ALSO ATTACH Dolmage’S BOOK so you can understand how I got the overcoming and compensation myth came fromThe post overcoming and compensation



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