On Strike and on Film

Please answer the following questions after reading On Strike and On Film.  Each answer should be at least one double spaced page.
1.      What is the central argument of the book, On Strike and On Film?
2.      How does the International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers achieve success in Grant county? How does the atmosphere of the Cold War impact the organizing efforts of the Mine-Mill union in New Mexico?
3.      How does Ellen Baker use gender in her analysis?  What is the relationship of gender to race and class as she sees it?
4.      What are the filmmakers attempting to achieve and do they achieve it? What impact does the film have on its participants
=====================================================================Here is the pdf:
https://www.perlego.com/book/538421/on-strike-and-on-film-mexican-american-families-and-blacklisted-filmmakers-in-cold-war-america-pdfThe post On Strike and on Film



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