Native American and west African diversity

The lives and cultures of Africans and American Indians were radically and irrevocably altered as a result of their contact with Europeans, and the enslavement and marginalization of these groups had a profound impact on the development of colonial America leading up to the Revolutionary War.  For the first essay of this course, you will select one of these groups, Africans
Please address the following topics / questions in a cohesive narrative (five pages, double-spaced).  You should utilize the textbook as your primary source of information and may also use outside resources to supplement where appropriate.  In all cases, make sure to properly cite your sources.
Discuss the cultural characteristics (subsistence, political systems, religions, etc.) of your chosen group prior to their contact with Europeans.How were their cultures impacted by contact with Europeans?How did the experiences of your group differ throughout North America as a result of colonial, regional, and/or economic variables?In what ways did your chosen group resist and/or cooperate with Europeans?What lasting impacts did your group have on the development of colonial America?The post Native American and west African diversity


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