Mgt401 Slp1:

For the Session Long Project, you will be applying the concepts in the background materials to your own personal experiences in the workplace. For this first SLP assignment choose a supervisor that you personally worked for and got to know well and compare and contrast this supervisors leadership characteristics with your own personal leadership characteristics using the concepts from the required background materials. Carefully reflect on your supervisors traits, behaviors, and leadership styles. Then write a 2- to 3-page paper (excluding title page and References Page) to include 2 scholarly sources from the required and optional readings list and addressing the following issues:
Overall, is your current role more of a leadership or a management role? How about your supervisor?What key differences in leadership behaviors do you see between yourself and your supervisor? Refer to the concepts of being task-oriented, or people-centered/relationship-oriented that are discussed in the required background materials.What key differences in leadership traits do you see between yourself and your supervisor? Refer to specific leadership traits discussed in the required textbook chapters.Would you describe your and your supervisors leadership style as diverse and inclusive? If so or if not, please explain your response.
A good place to start is this introductory video on the distinction between leadership and management:
Hartzell, S. (2014, September 14). Management vs leadership [Video]. YouTube.
Kelly, T. (2007). Leadership characteristics [Video]. [Books24x7 version]. Retrieved from the Online Library. Look under Additional Library Resources > Skillsoft Books (BusinessPro and ITPro) and search for 23679.
Now dive deeper into the main topics of this module by reading the following book chapter. Pay special attention to the discussion of the distinction between a manager and a leader, leadership styles (e.g., autocratic, participative, free-rein), and trait theory.
Hiriyappa, B. (2009). Chapter 10: Dynamics of managerial leadership. In Organizational behavior. New Delhi: New Age International. Retrieved from the Online Library.
Now take a look at the following book sections to gain more insights into leadership traits and leadership behaviors:
Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012). Chapter 12.2: Who is a leader? Trait approaches to leadership. In Organizational behavior. Saylor Academy.
Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012). Chapter 12.3: What do leaders do? Behavioral approaches to leadership. In Organizational behavior. Saylor Academy.
Case Assignment
Hymowitz, C. (2005). Working fewer hours is hard for most CEOs, but some find a way. Wall Street Journal, p. B1. Retrieved from the Online Library.
Leibovich, M. (2000). The outsider, his business and his billions series: The new imperialists: Larry Ellison, oracle until himself. The Washington Post, p. A1. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.
Mendleson, R. (2010). Why it pays to be a jerk. Canadian Business, 83(18), 28-30, 32, 34. Retrieved from the Online Library.
Fox Business. (2018, October 25). Larry Ellison: I had all the disadvantages necessary for success [Video]. YouTube.
Whats your leadership style? (n.d.). MindTools. Retrieved from post Mgt401 Slp1:



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