Mental health funding Deficiencies and homelessness rates in Schizophrenic individuals

In 1-2 pages of double-spaced text, complete the first draft of a results section from a research proposal attached below. Include descriptions of metrics that will be reported and examples of tables or any other supplemental data to be included. Describe how various scenarios of results (significant versus non significant outcomes) will be reported.This is essentially summarizing and reporting.
The results section should begin with the findings most relevant to the main hypothesis or research question, and continue on to any secondary or related findings.Since this is a proposal, you do not yet have actual data to report, so include details about how the statistical analysis will be carried out, and describe the data that will be reported. Include a description of graphs or tables that might be included in appendices to complete the data presentation. Reserve inferences based on the results for the discussion section. In this section you just report the data.
The form of your results section should follow this general outline:    1.Report the results of the most relevant demographic questions, for example, class standing, occupation, gender, or whatever demographic criteria are important in terms of your hypothesis.    2.Report the results of the hypothesis. Restate the hypothesis and summarize the results as they relate to that statement.    3.Report important results related to the hypothesis, including any unexpected or otherwise interesting results that may be important to note.
Attached Screenshots:-Statistical results reporting guideline-Research proposal (for context and info)-Types of Survey questions
Format & other info:-APA style-Articles at writers discretion (must be accessible)The post Mental health funding Deficiencies and homelessness rates in Schizophrenic individuals



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