letter of complaint

letter of ComplaintWrite a formal letter of complaint to an employer, captured on a one-page PDF document. The letter content can certainly be fictional. Potential topics may include an HR grievance, a remuneration concern, a disagreement with management direction, or anything related to your employee satisfaction. For this assessment, you are required to write a formal letter of complaint to an employer. Your letter should include the following specifications:
All elements of a formal letter, including a clear recipient address – and direct your letter to the appropriate person (the one who would deal with the grievance), stating their job titleYour clearly stated purpose, with enough facts to allow the recipient to investigate your concern if necessaryProvide information to support your case, but stick to the facts – avoid allegations or accusations you cannot proveIf appropriate to your situation, suggest an outcome, remedy, and timeline that will satisfy your needs and/or grievance – help them help youDemonstrate complete politeness and professionalism, but be forthright and confident in your positionThe post letter of complaint



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