International Sports

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will present the basic elements of an international sports league.
Begin by selecting a sports league which is based in, and operates, outside of the United States or Canada. You may select any sport of your choosing. As we cover the English Premier League in class, you may NOT do your report on the English Premier League.
Research the organization, structure, and rules of that league. You should answer questions such as: How many teams are in the league?, How many games are played?, How is a champion determined?, Is there fan support and corporate sponsorship? The purpose of this presentation is to show that you can relate what you have learned about worldwide sports governance and apply that to the league.
You will be graded on your proper and complete consideration of the specific above mentioned elements as provided in the grading rubric below.
League Basics Fans, TV, Media Corporate Sponsorship
(Include research sources and references)The post International Sports


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