Initial Thoughts on Leadership

The purpose of this assignment to to get you (1) to think about different kinds of leaders (2) to understand how stereotypes might influence your thinking about leaders, and (3) to understand that leadership involves traits, behaviors, and situational components.
For Part II, please answer the following prompts in two pages or less. Submit to this assignment before the due date.
Review all of the definitions of leadership and examples of leaders in Assignment 3 (Part I) – Initial Thoughts on Leadership. Describe the ways that the leaders differ. How do you think this fits into the major approaches to studying leadership?
These types of lists generally result in white males (especially for business leaders). Discuss how gender and race/ethnicity is linked to leadership. Use the text to assist you.
Definitions and Theory – 20 PTSDiscusses how leaders differ and how this fits into the major approaches to studying leadership.
Discusses Cultural Differences – 5 PTSDescribes how race/ethnicity and/or gender influences our perceptions of leadership.The post Initial Thoughts on Leadership



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