Group Case Study

Your task is to analyze a group or team of which you are/were a member/participant. This can be a group/team at work, in your community, or in school.
You must analyze and write about the following things: the type of group/team you are writing about, why you were together, the various roles individual members of the group/team played/filled (including yourself), leadership of the group/team, conflict and how it was managed (if there was conflict – and there usually is to some extent), and your overall feelings about the experience of working with this group/team.
Your final product is a paper of 3 + pages (850 to 1000 words)
Like a good English paper you need a good introduction and a quality conclusion “bookending” your discussion of the group/team.
Your only required research source is the material found in the text. Citations are required and can follow either MLA or APA formats. Your analysis should refer to terms and ideas from the textbook for full points on the assignment.
Gamble & Gamble The Communication Playbook Chapter 9 & 10The post Group Case Study



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