Global Climate Change

For the next discussion, research what are community groups doing to counteract this global climate change. Look for examples of Indigenous perspectives on the environment, sustainable lifestyle changes, earthen/green building, local community farming and markets, reforestation, planting trees, appropriate technology,  and permaculture to see what people are doing to reduce waste and emissions to sustain life on Earth.  Write 200 words about a practice that you find interesting or that you may even try to adapt at some point, summarize it, explain how it can potentially counteract global climate change. Relate specific examples of the book.
Post a link of where you got the information. A link to the website for non profit organization or the like acceptable.
Here are some links to get you started, but feel free to find others by googling any of the list of activities above. (Links to an external site.)
ccat.humboldt.eduThe post Global Climate Change



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