follow up data registry

We now know that cancer registry follow-up data is used by many organizations.  Follow-up data is generated in Cancer Registries or Specialty Registries, requested by Central Registries, and uploaded to the National Cancer Database.  The follow-up data is then dispersed as requested by researchers, physicians, and other entities worldwide.
Do some research.  Using the UC Library system or available websites, locate a statistical report or paper created or amended by cancer registry follow-up data.  Write a 3-5 page paper explaining how the registry follow-up data was used to create the report or paper.  Then, trace the tumor registry follow-up data, utilized in the report, back to a tumor registry or specialty registry.  Give some background information about the registries involved in providing the follow-up data along the way.  You may need to give background information on a Hospital Registry, Specialty Registry, and/or a Population-Based Registry, as part of your research report.The post follow up data registry



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