Emerging Technologies

Research one emerging technology of your choice and examine its impact on business and the society.  At a minimum, this research paper should include the following:
How the technology is utilized, or how it will be used if it is not yet available.The business impact such as business operations (processes), decisions, sales, etc.– Positive– NegativeThe human impact such as executives, employees, customers, etc.– Positive– NegativeProvide insight on what critics are saying about the emerging technology.– Positive– Negative
This research paper is to be written in third-person and at least 1000 words. Like the first paper, this will go through a revise and resubmit process. Make sure to use APA style for citations/references. The format of your document should be double spaced, 11-point font size, 1-inch margins on all sides, and Calibri or Times New Roman font type.The post Emerging Technologies



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