Deliverable 4 Issues Brief for Healthcare Executives

CompetencyAssess the roles and impacts of various stakeholders within U.S. healthcare systems.
ScenarioDue to your background as an expert consultant for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (or CMS), you have been encouraged to apply as Director of the agency. You are scheduled to interview with the top government executives in healthcare and must present information on the roles and impacts your future stakeholders have on healthcare.
Research the impact of various stakeholders on balancing quality, access, and costs. Stakeholders to include in your research are:
PatientsPatient’s familiesPhysiciansEmployersInsurance companiesPharmaceutical firmsGovernmentReport your findings on the role of each stakeholder and the impact they have on the U.S. healthcare system in a detailed issue brief, including recommendations for improvements each stakeholder can make to improve quality, access, and costs.The post Deliverable 4 Issues Brief for Healthcare Executives



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