Dance Video Review

Write a 2-page review of this salsa dance performance. (link posted below)
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1)  pretend you are a newspaper dance critic reviewing a multicultural dance.
2) If you are watching a live performance, tell me the name of the performance, the name of the dance company, where it is located (theater, school, etc.), the date of the performance and the genre of the dance (what kind of dance is it:  e.g. African, Salsa, Haitian, etc.)
3) If you are watching a film, tell me:  a:  film title, b. Name of Director, c. Name of Choreographer; d. Name of the Dance Company or Group; e. Where the story of the film takes place (if relevant), f. the genre of the dance (what kind of dance is it:  African, Salsa, Haitian, etc)
4)  How many dancers are there in the piece(s) you are reviewing
5)  Describe the movement and its dynamics as best you can.  e.g.  energetic, attitude, street, pretty, calm, slow, fast, passionate. Please describe in your own words and write in complete sentences.
6)  What moves do you recognize from our class?  Is there jumping, floorwork, turning, spinning, pivots, etc.  These are just a few suggestions.  Describe the movements that you see.
e.g.  If hip hop, was there stepping, stomping, pop lockin’, breakin’, krumpin’, wavin’ or other style? If you do not know exactly, describe it as best you can. If not, then, specifically what did you see?  Describe the movements of the feet, legs, arms and torso as best you can.
7)  Was there theatrical lighting?  Can you describe what it was (color, dynamics), and how it enhanced the look of the dancing.  What were the theatrical effects of the lighting?
8) Costumes: What did the dancers wear and how did it go along with the dance – did it help or hinder the dance?
9)  Were there any solos, duets, trios or large group dances? Describe them.10) Your paper is written in the first person.  Therefore, no references are necessary unless you choose to include specific quotes.
10) Watch for the following elements in the movement:  a) Speed (is it fast or slow, or a combination of the two?); b) Level Changes (are the dancers low to the ground, standing or jumping in the air? And c) changes in direction.  How much does shifting of weight from foot to foot affect the overall look of the choreography? 
11)  What dance vocabulary terms that you have learned in class can you identify in the dance you are watching?
12)  Your paper is written in the first person, because you are the critic.  Therefore, you do not need references unless you choose to include specific quotes made by someone else.The post Dance Video Review



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