Crim 2330 Assignment

Written Assignment      In this assignment you will explain an offender with a biopsychosocial perspective, using research from empirical sources. This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to integrate and apply the various concepts discussed in class and the readings. For this assignment you will research and provide potential theoretical explanations that may have contributed to a true-life offender’s crime(s). You must choose two theories from two different categories of theories. The categories are:social theories (chapters 7, 8 and parts of 4 that discuss social aspects like parenting), biological theories (chapters 2 and 3) and psychological theories (chapters 5, 6, 9 and 10). In your analysis of the offender, explain how well these theories explain the offender. Importantly, also discuss research on this theory and include any limitations of this theory. The research should be on the theory and how it explains the type of crimes/violence/antisocial behaviour of your chosen offender. For instance, if your chosen offender committed sexual homicides and youve chosen paraphilia as a theory, the research should be about the connection between paraphilia and sexual homicide or violence. Do not forget that you also need an introduction and conclusion for your paper. This assignment is due on November 23, 2000. Late assignments will be penalized 5% per day. Papers submitted more than one week late will not be accepted. Please see the marking rubric on the next page for more details on how this will be marked. Your paper will need to have an introduction and a conclusion. 
  For this assignment you will choose a real life offender and explain their behaviour with two theories, using research studies. You will relate these theories to the offender’s actions and/or psychosocial history. You will also examine the applicability of these two theories critically, including any limitations the theory as (e.g. limited research support; behaviours the theory doesnt explain well; behaviours the theory cannot explain at all). A detailed description of this assignment is in the back pages of this syllabus, and a marking rubric The post Crim 2330 Assignment



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