creative problem solving

you have to use the PowerPoint in attachment you have to write about organization in United Arab Emirates 
6. AssessmentAssessment Requirement:1. Determine a complex business issue in an organization of choice in UAE. Consider thecurrent crisis being faced by many organizations in areas such as patient health,potential vaccines, and treatment regimens; economic issues such as unemployment,school closures, and lack of funding to sustain small and medium-size enterprises; andmental health challenges.2. Critically evaluate different creative problem solving approaches/ theories to thecomplex business issue. Examine a body of research in support of your response (CLO2,CLO5).3. Choose any relevant creative problem solving process to the complex business issueidentified (such as objective finding, fact finding, problem finding and Idea finding(CLO4))4. Determine the most suitable solution for implementation. Propose a relevantacceptance finding approach towards selecting the best solution (CLO5)
Your Terms of Reference:As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given thebrief shown above. Your report should include:Title: Provide a suitable title. Select the Title style in the WORD to write the title.Name & ID#: Provide your name and ID number below the title.Answers:In your response, I shall be considering the originality of the problem and the solution. Run ofthe mill problems and solutions already implemented or being implemented do not add to theoriginality of problem or solution. Novel solutions to the complex business problems are verymuch welcome and would merit higher consideration.Write your response indicating the question number.Language: Ensure that your paragraphs are clear, concise and logically structured. Ensure theyare grammatically correct and devoid of spelling errors.Literature review: Provide relevant literature in support of our response in accordance with therequirements of the questions.The length of the report is of 2,000 words. It will assess your ability of notional learning attainedthrough face-to-face classroom interaction with faculty, guided and independent studies. This indepth analytical work will assess your skill to adopt appropriate approaches in dealing withcomplex issues through creative problem solving.The post creative problem solving



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