Comprehensive Reflection

For this assignment, you should first read this handout about reflective writing.Preview the document (uploaded as reflection handout ) Then answer the questions below.
Part 1: What are three lessons/ideas that struck you as important or interesting from the handout? For each one, summarize the idea, then explain what this idea/lesson means to you and how will use it to write your own reflection in this module.
Part 2: Look back at the reflection assignment you did in Project 1, Mod. 1 | Reflective Writing and the Revision Process( uploaded as Giles).  Make at least one connection between your answers to that assignment and the handout here. How does this handout build on something you learned about revision in that Module 1 assignment? What do you understand better (or differently) now?
Part 3: I’ve provided guiding questions for you so that you can write an effective reflection in Module 4(uploaded as reflection questions). Look over those guiding questions, which can be found on the assignment sheet.  Draw at least two connections between the handout in this assignment and the guiding questions on the assignment sheet. How does this handout help you understand the assignment better?The post Comprehensive Reflection



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