Commentary 3

Reading: Sun; Monanneng, Poems; Chiu/Zhang
Screening: Wawa No Cidai (2015, dir. Losia Shumi)

2. Screening: The Great Buddha (dir. Huang Hsin-yao, 2017)
Reading:  Pickowicz and Zhang, Ch. 13    Reading: Pei-Chia Lan, Introduction to Raising Global Families
need to write detailed comparison and comments about the readings and films in providing substantial arguments about how the films go after (appropriate and respond to) the empires Japanese colonialism, Chinese cinema or Nationalist Partys film policy, and Hollywood film industry or world market.
Format: Please consult the latest edition of MLA Style Manual or MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
Please write a commentary in which you begin by stating a problematic (thesis) on Taiwan films, then go on to frame Taiwan film/theme(s) you plan to analyze or compare, to examine textual evidence in detail to support your argument, to draw on issues raised in class, and to conclude with your creative insights.
will be graded on (1) 4.0 points: originality in developing your textual analysis and comparative perspective; (2) 3.0 points: your command of our readings and scholarships; and (3) 3.0 points: organization of your commentary and quality of writing.The post Commentary 3



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