Colgate advertising campaign development and evaluation

Colgate Latin America has experienced in recent years a strong growth of its competition, which has managed to increase its consumption and preference in markets of which Colgate was the absolute leader before.
The segment of children and adolescents is probably the most affected mainly by promotions and the use of movie characters in the products of the competition.
Colgate will launch a series of child and adolescent care products with the desire to recover the lost market. For which we ask you to present an Advertising campaign focused on said target audience.
Analyze its characteristics and look for which ones may be relevant for the development of the campaign.
Formulate objectives and strategies and show your creative proposal applied in the different media in which you want to advertise.
Explain your media plan according to your CIM
Analyze your campaign and share your KPIs to evaluate to achieve objectives.The post Colgate advertising campaign development and evaluation



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