Class Final Project

Class Final Project:
You are the Marketing director for a new Health Care center in Miami. It can be a general Health Care center offering many diverse services or a specialized one e.g., a Dental Care center. Create a website ( offers free website building) which will include all the information of your new business.Also prepare a Word document with your Marketing plan 5 pages min excluding the abstract and references page/s.
Your paper must include     An abstract page with a summary of your company and its services.    Analysis of your service/services.    What is the companys Mission and Vision?    List how many competitors are powerful and with which competitors will your company compete against, and how?    How will the company differentiate its product from the competition?    Target market defined and your customer profile defined.  Develop this Marketing Plan, by using Marketing Principles learned in class, Be creativeUse APA 7 Format, if you are not familiar with it you can get help from the Writing Lab.The post Class Final Project



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