cell bio lab powerpoint

Create a POWERPOINT using 2 different LABS that you feel share a commonthread.
TWO LABS ARE: FACS ( https://www.labster.com/simulations/facs/) use this link. MITOSIS ( https://www.labster.com/simulations/mitosis/) use this link.
I will attach lab reports for both the labs that I have written based on the links^^ I have provided.
I will also attach 2 docs of both the topics for additional reference.
This is to present what you learned and how thetwo are related
You are to provide: Background (what we need to know tounderstand what youre talking about) Overview of what you did and what youdiscovered (be clear and precise not ambiguous) Conclusions you can make from these modules(both individually and in combination) Propose a lab exercise that would go along withthese two.The post cell bio lab powerpoint



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