Causes of war

6 wars: Congo crisis, Vietnam war, War in Somalia, Iraq War, Rwandan War, Lebanon WarAnalysisPart two of the assignment requires research and analysis of potential explanations/factors including war dates, territorial disputes, genocide, economics (trade,money, natural resources), religion, ideology. In your analysis reference course readings, research papers and give the ostensible reason for war and the purported reason. (eg. Iraq War 2003 given reason spread of democratic values in face of Islamic terrorism, purported reason oil). Avoid plagiarismcite! Turnitin is used for this assignment.Make sure you come to an independent conclusion based on the facts you have unearthed during your research. Your conclusion should be along the lines of Economics was a minor factorrace and ethnicity is at the base of the Indo Pak War of 1947 as this war was the result of claims over the area of Kashmir following the Partition of British India in1947-48  into modern day Pakistan and India. It was a result of a demand for an independent homeland for the Muslims in British India, even though wikipedia article does not mention it.Assignment Specs: Word Limit 2000 words – not a hard limitCitations 5-7Font style: Times New RomanFont size: 12Normal margins Double spacing Separate reference pageUse paragraphs, transitionsThe post Causes of war



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