Casino/Resort Business Case

Hi, I need the rough draft first by 11/23/20 and the Final Paper by 12/5/20.
The purpose of the Final Paper is to demonstrate your master of the learning objectives stated inthis Syllabus. You will create a business case that focuses on a new casino/resort concept. In otherwords, youll be selling a new casino/resort concept to me through this paper. You can select whichjurisdiction the casino/resort resides in (Native Gaming, New Jersey, Nevada, etc.). Your paper, notincluding the title page and references, should be 8-9 pages in length. The paper should be doublespaced, and you can use images and charts, however, if you use them to fill space, you will begraded down (they should have a purpose). Please refer to the Rubric at the end of the Syllabus forguidance on grading. Please use APA format ( do not create an abstract. Your final paper will need to be submitted in a WORD document (or format recognized by TurnItIn which will be used to verify originality and adherence to otherstandards) via Blackboard.Possible Areas of Focus- Class Learning Objectives (page 2 of Syllabus) Why will your casino/resort be successful? How will your casino/resort be different than others in the marketplace? What theme will your casino/resort have and why? What will be the target customer of your casino/resort and why? What will be your internal and external approach to marketing? What will be your approach to recruiting and maintaining talent? What amenities will your casino/resort offer and why? How will you determine game mix (table games and slots)? What organizational structure will your casino/resort have and why?The post Casino/Resort Business Case



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