Business Planning Project

Describe the specific products and/or services you will offer.  (1-3 sentences.)Locate and describe the customer groups you will be targeting. (1-3 sentences)Clearly define the market potential that you will be estimating. In other words, you will be calculating the annual expenditures of which group of potential customers (who) on what product or service?  (1 sentence)List all the relevant data that you have gathered, indicating the sources and calculate the market potential, explaining your calculations.  (4 12 sentences/lines)Explain how your business is predominantly Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail or Service.  (1 3 sentences.) Explain why now is, or is not a good time to start a business such as this.  What has changed in the market that affects the opportunity for your business? (3-5 sentences)Specify your suppliers (name, location, URL) for any products or supplies that your business will need. (2 5 sentences)Name, locate, and briefly describe any direct competitors that you will have to deal with.  (2 6 sentences)Briefly describe any indirect competition that you will have to deal with.  (1 3 sentences)Name and explain the pricing strategy that you will be using and explain how it fits in with the rest of your marketing mix.  (2 5 sentences)Describe the specific means you will use to promote the business explaining the reasons for your choices.  (4-8 sentences)Identify the legal form of the business.  Explain your reasons for this legal set-up.  (1-3 sentences)The post Business Planning Project



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