Application of Research Methodology

Milestone Three involves proposing how social research can be used to collect additional information on the workplace problem that would provide a morecomprehensive assessment of what has occurred. You will identify the types of information further required, and consider which research methods could beused to gather reliable and valid data.
Prompt: Submit a 23-page draft of your Application of Research Methodology, addressing all critical elements from Section III below. In thinking sociologicallyabout the root problem (as summarized in Milestone One), you will craft questions about it that need to be answered to provide a fuller, more in-depth analysisof it. A research method will then be discussed with respect to how it could be used to gather reliable and valid information to answer these questions.Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
III. Application of Research Methodology: Based on the problem, identify questions that need to be answered in order to arrive at a factual and value neutral assessment, as well as the research methodology appropriate to obtain this information. Although you may include other elements, at aminimum this section should:
A. Identify the Question.B. Identify potential research method(s) that will yield reliable and valid data, as well as the specific data the method(s) will generate.C. Identify potential challenges in collecting reliable and valid data.D. Reflect on how you will account for your personal biases and preconceived notions to arrive at a value-neutral assessment.The post Application of Research Methodology



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