Writers Choice (Powerpoint)

PowerPoint (8-16 sides)InstructionsSelection a contemporary artifact It can be a book, film, work of art or artist, musical album or artist, piece of architecture or other cultural production.This should be something that has been particularly meaningful to you, or something that you believe is culturally important.
Read the artifactYou should consider both your personal connection and reaction to the object and the wider reception. In other words, you should talk both about its personal meaning and you should do some research into the context production, or reception of the work.
The goal here is to think carefully about your artifact to take seriously the cultural productions that we engage in every day. What values is it promoting? How does it celebrate or critique the current culture?
Present your findings creatively: PowerPoint (8-16 sides)THE THREE THINGS you must do:1.)Summary.Provide a summary of the thing you chose. When was it made? How was it made? What was its reception? Anything else that is important or interesting?
2.) Personal Importance. Why does it matter to you or you believe is culturally important? When did you encounter it?
3.)Wider Importance. Why do you think this thing should matter more broadly? Why should others check it out, or care about it?


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