Write a character analysis.

InstructionsReread Part 2, Chapter 9 of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Write at least 250 words on the attitude of Captain Nemo or Aronnax on the lost continent. Find evidence for what you want to say. Be careful of contradictory evidence.
Your essay should answer the following questions using your own ideas supported with direct quotes from the text. Use at least one paragraph to answer each question but tie them together into one coherent essay by using transitions and linking ideas.
What is the attitude displayed by Nemo or Aronnax concerning their general outlook on the world?How do you know? What does Verne have his characters say and/or do that reveal that attitude?How do you think that attitude affected the outcome of the novel? Did that attitude contribute to the fate of the character?The post Write a character analysis. first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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