What is a process

What is a process? A process is something that involves clear steps. This week you will write a process paragraph. Before you begin writing, take some time to brainstorm as many topics as possible. Even though recipes involve clear steps, please do not write about a recipe. Below are some example topics and topic sentences to help you start your brainstorming session. You may use one of the topics below; however, you may select any topic that fits the assignment directions. The topic you choose must be one that you know and understand how to describe since you will not include any outside research. Your paragraph should be written entirely in your own words and from your own knowledge of the topic. Include APA formatting: Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spacing and an APA formatted Cover Page.
Possible Topics and Topic Sentences:
Framing a shedIf you consider yourself to be handy, you might be able to save money by following a few steps and framing your own shed.Completing a craft projectHave you ever heard people exclaim, “I could never do that! I am not crafty!”? If you follow a few simple steps, you could create an amazing craft project.Refinishing furnitureIt is not as difficult as people think to turn a dented and worn out piece of furniture into a refinished and expensive looking finished product.Building a computer from scratchThere is no need to call the “Geek Squad” ever again. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to build your own computer from the ground up.Cleaning a fish tankHumans are not the only ones who like to live in a clean environment.Selecting and enrolling a child in daycareIt is never easy to decide who should care for your child, so many parents follow a few simple steps when selecting and enrolling their children in a daycare.Once you have selected a topic, you will write a paragraph that describes your process in clear and simple steps. Your audience is anyone who has never completed the process you are describing. Avoid using the word “I” in your paragraph.
Begin your paragraph with a strong and clear topic sentence that pulls your reader in and grabs his/her attention. For each step of your process, include a main idea sentence that introduces the step. Then, follow that main idea sentence with one or two additional sentences that further explain or describe that part of the process. These additional sentences are called supporting details or elaboration. Your process topic should include a minimum of three steps. End your paragraph with a concluding sentence.The post What is a process first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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