Video Games and violence

I have uploaded 4 attached word files with this request. 3 of them are sources, and the fourth is a citation form.
the topic of this essay is violence in video games.
the prompt of this essay do video games lead to violence or not?
basically, my instructor is gonna ask me to take one side of the argument and write about it during class time WITHOUT looking at the sources to check if we can write a good basic composition.
I want you to write a  general introduction paragraph, two separated  body paragraphs in which one of them is against the idea of violence in video games leading to real-life violence, and the other support the idea. Also, I want you to write a brief conclusion.
1- each body paragraph MUST contain TWO CITATIONS.
2- I want to you to paste the citations in in the attached form of citations word file.
3- this essay does not have to be lengthy 300-350 words are fine, But it must fulfill the conditions related to citations above, since I will use it to help me writing a draft. The post Video Games and violence first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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