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Assignment: Society Project Proposal
You will explore a society (current or ancient) by reflecting on the six tenets of society: people, sustainability, politics, technology, global citizenship, and ethics. Before you begin this deep investigation, submit a brief 250-500 word description and rationale for the society you would like to investigate. Share any personal connections or interests you have with the society you have chosen. 
A 250- to 500-word summary
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Propose a Society.This proposal requires you to select a society (past or present) that you would like to investigate during this independent research project. You will be exploring the people, ecology, industry, politics, and culture, so be sure to select a society with available information. Describe the society you are interested in exploring and share any personal connections you have to this society.  Provide a rationale for why you have chosen this society.
Write about American society.


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