United States History

This is an essay in United States History about the Hiroshima war back in 1945 and the debate about if the U.S using the atomic bomb was necessary or not. My professor’s instructions for the essay are : 
Please try to answer as many questions as possible that my professor has instructed me to answer.
Part I. Introduction
i. Describe in general the issue being debated.
Part II. Historical Debate
ii. What is the main argument in each perspective? On what points do they agree or disagree?
iii. What types of evidence do the authors use and does that evidence support their thesis?
Part III. Conclusion
iv. How did your reading(s) change the way you understood the subject?
v. How are the issues presented in your readings still relevant to you today? Please explain how your personal background and life experiences might influence your perspective on this topic.
vi. Imagine you have been asked to tackle a current national or global issue, how would you use what youve learned to help you do so?The post United States History first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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