The History Of Mass Communication

The History of Everything (PAPER): 1300 words doubled spaced. (40 points of total grade)You will complete and submit a five (5) page history paper on a topic (that you proposed) that is related to your discipline. The bibliography counts as one page / and words. Your will write a paper on the background, significance and legacy of an event or personality that impacted your field or area of study. For example, if you are a Behavior Analysis major, write a brief history or biography of a major event or figure that shaped Sociology. If you are an Africana Studies major write a brief history or biography of a major figure that shaped Africana Studies. And so on to each major Everything must be stated in your own words and in an academic format. See section on plagiarism. Write in the third person and refrain from using I, You, We, In my opinion, etc. 
A Brief History/Biography of ________________________
Description of personality/event and how it relates to your discipline:
Background and development of personality/event:
Significant achievement/s of personality/event:
Legacy of personality/event:


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