textual analysis

Purpose (Textual Analysis Essay):  To effectively communicate in writing a meaningful and logical argument which demonstrates a careful reading of at least two texts read in class showing the student’s ability to (i) analyze beyond the surface of these texts; (ii) to connect ideas between texts; and (iii) engage the student’s intellectual curiosity over ideas the authors contribute to the Great Conversation. Requirements:  1.  Word Count:  Min. 1500 words (Note this is a minimum requirement.  Just because you hit the minimum word count does not mean your essay is complete.)
2.  The two texts to be compared and analyzed: The Freedom of a Christian by Martin Luther and Macbeth by Shakespeare
Ideas to connect between the two texts: -Power Dynamics/Abuse of Power-Oppressors Vs Oppressed
PLEASE LIMIT OUTSIDE EVIDENCE.  PLEASE DO NOT DO OUTSIDE RESEARCH.The post textual analysis first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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