Statistical Study

For this assignment you will need to use the output file (File name is Assignment 1 Summer 2020) provided. Meaning, the analyses need for this assignment have already be conducted. You will need to interpret the output file to answer the research questions for this assignment. Requirements overview of the data/study can be found on pg. 3 in this document You are required to (a) answer the 10 research questions listed in pgs. 3-4, and (b) provide a summary of the overall findings at the very end of your assignment. Methods As provided in the output, the descriptive statistics needed for the sample description, t-test, or ANOVA are the only statistical tests you will need to address the research questions. Hence, I am not requiring you look at any interactions or post-hoc analyses. However, when appropriate you should describe mean differences as they relate to the research questions (i.e., Were men or women higher? What were the means for media engagement? Do the groups differ on attitude?). Example write-ups refer to pg. 2 I have provided you several example write-ups of results which can be found on pg.2.Format Each research question should be answered in written form as shown in the example write-ups. No tables/charts/figures are needed. Rounding numbers:   Percentages (only) should be rounded to the nearest whole number (i.e., 12.23% should be 12%).   For all other numbers (Means, Standard Deviations, t-score, F-value, p value, etc.) you should round to the nearest two decimal points (i.e., M = 4.5566721 should be M = 4.56) I have attached Assignment 1 – Michael of which i have already started. What is highlighted in yellow is only an example, not to be used.


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