Software Solution Evaluation and Recommendation

Your company has asked you to evaluate current technology solutions available for managing construction projects from an Owners perspective. Assuming that budget is not a factor and that you are running mid to large projects, what would you recommend?
Step 1: Identify at least 3 Project and Cost Management Software Solutions on the market today
Step 2: Research these three solutions
Step 3: Set up a comprehensive chart to compare (at minimum):
a)  Priceb)  Pro/Cons for Project Management componentc)  Pro/Cons for Cost Management componentd)  Ease of implementation and on-going support Step
4: Submit your written recommendation with the chart back-up for your preferred solution and a detailed explanation of why you are recommending a particular solution.
In addition: Taking one con you identified in Step 3b, how could the software be improved?The post Software Solution Evaluation and Recommendation first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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