Social Movements in East Asia

CEAS 205/GOVT 281 Democracy and Social Movements in East Asia (Fall 2020)
Take-home Midterm Examination
This take-home midterm exam is due Saturday, October 17th at 11:59PM on Moodle. Your answers for both parts of the exam should be typed up as a single documentusing 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one inch margins. Please make sure to put your name at the top left of the first page and include page numbers.
This exam is worth 35% of your total grade, and your grade will be marked down 1/3 of a letter grade (e.g., from A- to B+) for every day or part of a day that it is late. This exam is open book, including lecture slides, class notes, and course readings. No outside materials are allowed for this take-home exam.
To avoid plagiarism, please use proper citationsfor quotes and ideas taken from the readings and lecture slides for bothparts of the exam.    Use parenthetical citationso  (Diamond 1994, p. 45). Period comes after the parentheses, not before. o  Diamond (1994) argues that (p. 45). o  . (Lecture 1/26/19).     A bibliography (Work Cited page) is notnecessary for the mid-term exam
Please proofread your work before the final submission as this exam will be graded for both contentand clarity.
ESSAY(60 points)
Culturalists have argued that Asian values are antithetical to Western-style liberal democracy. Similarly, scholars such as Elizabeth Perry have posited that vibrant civil society does not always facilitate democratization, but instead (in certain circumstances) bolster the incumbent authoritarian regimes. With these statements and actual cases (i.e., pre-1987 South Korea, Taiwan under KMT rule, and China) in mind, which factors identified in social movement theories best facilitate social movements in authoritarian East Asia? (Make sure to elaborate as to the reasons why this is the case.)
Make a clear argument and provide evidence from the course materials(which includes readings and lecture slides on theories and cases) from 9/3, 9/8, 9/15, 9/17, 9/22, 9/29, 10/1, and 10/6 to support your argument. 
Your essay should be no longer than 4 double-spaced pages.
Descriptions of quality grades assigned to student writingfrom the Wesleyan document, Teaching Matters A/A-: Excellent in all or nearly all respects. The interest of the reader is engaged by the ideas and presentation. Effective organization and writing. Paper marked by originality of ideas.B+: Clear argument, clear writing, good evidence, appropriate response to question.B/B-: Technically competent, with perhaps a lapse here and there. The thesis is clear, properly limited, and reasonable, and the proposal is generally good but not distinguished. Use of evidence is sufficient.C+/C: A competent piece of work, but not yet good. More or less adequately organized along obvious lines. Thesis may be unclear or over simple. Development is often skimpy. Use of evidence may be inadequate. Monotony of sentence structure is apparent and errors may be sprinkled throughout.C-/D/D-: A piece of work that demonstrates some efforts on the author’s part but that is too marred by technical problems or flaws in thinking or development of ideas to be considered competent work.E/F: Failing grade. Essay may not respond to assignment. Essay may be far too short. Grammar and style may be careless. The post Social Movements in East Asia first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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