Should Standardized Test Scores be Required for College Admission?

Must be written in APA 7Body of paper must be at least 5 pagesMust have correct and accurate Reference Page
Literature review for a problem of practice in higher education  (Should standardized test scores be required for college admission)
This assignment is intended to help students identify a problem of practice in their organization or professional field of interest. To complete this assignment, students will first need to identify a problem of practice, conduct a literature review on the subject, and write a 5-7 page literature review paper. Students are required to follow APA 7th edition guidelines when organizing and writing the literature review paper (e.g., cover page, headings, page numbers, font, double-spaced, and references).
Introduction of the problem (max 1 page)In this section, clearly and succinctly state the problem of practice you have chosen as the focus of the paper. Make sure that you have incorporated credible evidence that supports your statement that this is indeed a problem of practice in higher education.
Literature review (3-5 pages)Now that you have stated the problem give the reader a bit of background into this problem. In a literature review paper for a journal manuscript, master’s thesis, or doctoral dissertation, this section is extensive. However, for this paper, you want to give an abbreviated overview of relevant aspects of the problem of practice. Think about the important highlights of the problem of practice and use synthesis topic statements to begin each paragraph. Then support with summaries and paraphrases from key resources as support for the topic sentences.
In this section, briefly review the literature related to your problem of practice. What is the history of the problem? What has been done in the past to solve the problem? Cite previous research and be sure to include disagreements and discrepancies in the existing literature.
Conclusion/importance of the problem (max 1 page)Solving educational problems has different implications for practice. There are also varying levels of importance for solving problems, and addressing common problems of practice usually affects other problems as well.
In this section, explain why it is important to solve this problem. Think about and articulate the specific ways in which solving this problem might affect practice. (Think about its impact on a particular population, on the community, on society, and/or on the academic field.) Use citations and research literature to support the need to solve this problem. What are the consequences of not solving this problem?
ReferencesYou will need to have at least 7 empirical references that are related to your problem of practice.
(These are some sources that I found)

Test-optional policies gain momentum

Questioning their fairness, a record number of colleges stop requiring the SAT and ACT post Should Standardized Test Scores be Required for College Admission? first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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