reading response (PLEASE ONLY READ CHAPTER 2!!!!)

DO NOT GO OVER 150 WORDSReading responses + Other written work Other written work may be freewrites, brainstorms, sample paragraphs, etc., on a smaller, more low stakes scale than the more formalized projects below, to show progress and show your work towards more formal elements of your projects as with staged drafts, complete and on time = full credit.
Reading responses will be due the day of, assessed by a rubric (available soon), about 150 words each, and require 2-3 questions to ask of the material (as response is exploration and expansion, not just reception). Ill distribute a rubric that applies to both these and the kairos days (under files and via announcements). On days we have kairos days, I will not double up on a reading response.The post reading response (PLEASE ONLY READ CHAPTER 2!!!!) first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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