Proof David auburn

Instructions for the paper:
Pretend a case has gone to court regarding Catherine’s right to care for herself and Claire’s insistence that she is incapable of caring for herself. Present closing arguments to a judge arguing that Catherine is not capable and should be under Claire’s authority; then, reverse that, pretending you’re Catherine’s lawyer and present closing arguments to a judge arguing that Catherine is capable of caring for herself. Use quotes from the play in both cases.
Brief research component for either topic: Precedence is important in such court cases. You should use at least one source to support your claim. You want to prove to a judge or jury that your position has merit.
1) 750 word minimum
2) The paper must use quotes from the play for support, and those quotes must be documented with an MLA in-text citation. A works cited list must also be included.
3) The paper should be submitted to the appropriate drop-box by 11:59 pm on the due date. Be sure to upload the paper in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format only.


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